Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fade to Grey


Wearing all grey is not my usual thing. I usually opt for more colourful options but LyddieGal from Chic on the Cheap has put together some really nice looks featuring grey lately, and she inspired me to put together this grey ensemble.

 I absolutely love this brooch. I got it a couple of years ago at  the annual Barrie Artists Studio Tour. One of the artists sells beautiful silk scarves that come with these bejeweled cloth brooches. My cousin Sana and I bought one each, and I think Sana got another one as a gift as well. Sana got a bright green and yellow one, but I opted to go with this darker one that I thought would work with more formal wear. I don't get to wear it as often as I'd like but I thought a little sparkly flower is perfect for the Christmas party that I had to zip over to right after work.

Dress: Gift from Mom; Winter Coat: Primark in Amsterdam; Tights: H&M; Boots: Payless; Pearl Studs: Purple Jade; Cocktail Ring: InPink (see here); Flower Brooch: Images Artist Studio Tour.

~Photos by Mark~


  1. Your outfit is great and chic, but your hair is what has caught my eye - how do you achieve such glossy wavy hair?!

  2. I love the look! Your coat is so gorgeous and the statement ring is lovely.

    Happy to have been inspriational!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Grey is the "it" shade for nail polish right now, too. Barielle makes a great grey by the name 'U-Concrete-Me,' but for my money, Joe Fresh's 'Fog' is a great dupe for only $4 (or 3 for $10!). Joe's spectrum is fantastic and I've been happy with their formulas. For a lighter grey, no bones about it, I'd go with OPI's 'Skull and Glossbones.' It's costlier and hard to find since it's from last summer's Pirates of the Caribbean collection, but the formula's great and it looks killer.

  4. You are SOOO hot! :)


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