Thursday, December 1, 2011

Event: Living the Creative Life with the Canadian Urban Institute

It was a great evening last night with the talented, creative artists that help make Toronto the vibrant art scene that it is.

For the purpose of the blog, I'd like to focus on Tiffany Uher, a fashion designer in Toronto who recently started her own company U:her

Her premise is to create unique, one of a kind pieces for the individual customer after a consultative process. She creates her pieces with a focus on the personality of the customer, just as much as the purpose of the garment or the occasion where it will be born. I love the idea of a collaborative process and a one of a kind piece based on one's personality.

This is a gorgeous dress that Tiffany created for a singer for the Canadian Country Music Week.

Our panel had a great discussion about the importance of allocating space for artists and creative people to be able to flourish. We talked about how our built environment, and how our neighbourhoods impact our art.

The panel from left to right: Matthew Blackett: Creator and editor of Spacing Magazine, Christopher Stanton: Creative Director of The Room, Tiffany Uher: Owner of U:her, me, Careesa Gee: our host from the Canadian Urban Institute, Philip Maglieri: Photographer and Filmmaker.

~Have a wonderfully creative day~

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