Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Week: The Worker Elf

So you saw my take on Santa's look, then on Mrs. Claus's style, and since I had to go to work on this day, it was time to dress up as a worker elf in Santa's workshop. I think I'm going a bit crazy with this theme, but I'll stop here. I mean, what's next? Dressing up like a reindeer? Um, hello!
This is presents-city right here. The green tights are from my cousin Sabrina and brother-in-law Rohan. So I'm ready to be an elf, or Peter Pan at the drop of hat. The gloves are from my lovely friend Angela. And the bracelets are from my mom - from Pakistan and The Netherlands.
Alfried Sung Dress: Zellers; Gloves, Tights, Bracelets: All Gifts (see above); Scarf: from Parents; Earrings: Suzy Shier; Kenneth Cole Shoes: thrifted.
Had I been more graceful, this could have been a pretty shot of this elf wandering through the woods of the North Pole but instead you see this.
Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you're enjoying these dress up sessions of the North Pole. 
~ Photos by Loren McGinnis ~


  1. Sweet! So, guess what? Sabrina mentioned that she bought you the green tights, so I copied...and bought a pair, too. Hey, at least I'm honest about being a style-biter. :-)

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  3. Great use of a limited number of pics. Yaaaa. Also, glad you used one of you ambling through the sticks. Shows how far you'll go to be fashionable.

  4. I love the green tights! You look lovely! I just found your blog (via comment on another blog) and I love it! I finished college with a journalism degree last December. You're definitely a well dressed journo! Anyways, I'm definitely following your blog now. I hope you can stop by, let me know what you think and follow back if you feel compelled! So glad I found you! XO
    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  5. Your green gloves are to die for! What a sophisticated touch to this look!

  6. The green tights are amazing!

  7. Love love LOVE this outfit! I'm such a sucker for colored leather, and the gloves have me swooning! :) Happy New Year! XOXO


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