Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Week: My Loot

I'm wearing a bunch of gifts that my mom got me for Christmas. My colleague Ben said that most people dread it if their parents buy them clothes. Ya know, the horrid Christmas sweater or something like that. But my mom usually does all right.
Taking Basil out for a spin.
Thank you mom for these and all the lovely gifts this year. But the best gift of all is your wonderful company.
~ Photos by Nazia ~
Outfit Details:
Arden hat & mitts; H&M hoodie & skirt: gift from mom
Aldo shoes: thrifted


  1. First of all - thanks N. Never knew brown and red could go so nice together and you just educated me, Ms. Fashionista - so really thanks. Now the pic with your cat - we know you're the one who's purring love sighs while holding the cat!:):):)

  2. Moms are best friends.

    Your 'loot' is beautiful - those shoes pull it all together.

    And speaking of best friends, who is this 'stripey' little friend in your pics? Reminds me of my housemate Tia. XO

  3. You look do cute! What a great mom :). My mom is great at picking out stuff for me too. I love it!

  4. sweet post. Nice reminder for me about photographic simplicity. And ANIMALS. Have a grand new years weekend. Peace, L

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