Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Week: Lunch

Getting together for a casual lunch.

 Let me in! I know there is chicken biryani in there! Don't know what chicken biryani is? Try it the next time you're at an Indian or Pakistani restaurant. It's so good it might make you want to give up your Christmas turkey.

 Don't the baubles on this necklace look like Christmas ornaments?

Top: H&M (got it on Boxing Day two years ago); Jeans: The Gap; Boots: Gift from Chris from Saskatoon; Necklace: Mom's; Earrings: Saskatoon.

Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to come back tomorrow to see what I wore for Christmas dinner. That is if my clothes still fit after all that biryani.

By the way, if you're planning on going boxing day shopping today, make sure to check my tips on how to dress for serious shopping expeditions. Click here.
~ Photos by Nazia ~


  1. Great!! Keep up the good work you are doing!
    You and your dad are great intelectual people in our community! Goodluck and best wishes for you and your great Fatah Family during 2012!!

  2. super cute! i love your necklace girl!!!

  3. I'm staying home on Boxing Day - don't want to get pepper sprayed!!:):)

  4. Im a little obsessed with green at the moment- nice top :)

    xx S

    Le Fanciulle

  5. Actually I, chris, got these particular boots in Saskatoon at a cool boutique on 2nd Avenue, just up fom the CBC shop.

  6. Hi Guys - THIS is Natasha. That last comment is from my husband Chris who is for some reasoning writing from my account.


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