Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas: Love Chari-Tees

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have the joy of spending the day with the ones you love most.
Today's post is extra special to me and it's about Love and T-shirts. These Chari-tees are designed by Gregory Love and are now being sold by his sister, my friend, Lindsey Love.

This is my husband Chris. He is very serious.
I met Lindsey a few years ago at our yoga studio. Lindsey is absolutely beautiful, like Hollywood starlet good-looking, but what's even better is that she is even more beautiful on the inside. Humble, intelligent, sweet, kind and generous. This year something brought us together again - cancer. My father was diagnosed with cancer, he has beat it. But Lindsey's beautiful brother Gregory didn't.
Gregory was a man of many talents including being an artist and capoeira dancer. He had designed these images of dancing, and now Lindsey has put his art to cotton. When you buy one of her shirts, the proceeds go to the Canadian Red Cross and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. 

Can you see Basil in the box?

 Lindsey has T-shirts for men, women and babies. I don't have a baby, but I do have a Basil so Merry Christmas Bassy Bear. 

All three Love Chari-Tees courtesy of Lindsey Love; Jeans: Gap; Bracelets: Mom's; Earrings: Pink Peony; Scarf:  Bandung (near Jakarta), Indonesia.
 Enjoy your day with your Loved ones guys. Sending out love and light to you all.

If you're in Toronto and would love to support Lindsey and Gregory's labour of Love Chari-tees please check out their Facebook page here. 

~ Photos by the very serious Chris Kayaniotes ~


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