Thursday, November 17, 2011

Time to Twirl

All the photos have been taken by my fabulously talented
photographer-producer-author friend Adam Killick.

I know the rules dictate that wearing white after Labour Day must be avoided, but when it's double digit temperature in mid-November in Toronto, then all rules be damned. The weather is so nice, it might just be time to twirl.

Jean Jacket: Buffalo (100 years old); Dress (worn as top): Jacob; Skirt: thrifted; Shoes: Kenneth Cole; Belt: gift from Chris; Scarf: from mom; Earrings: from Amsterdam; Statement Ring: gift from my parents' friends.

A big thank you to those of you who came out to the Canadian Urban Institute event last night to talk about how to make Toronto more accessible for all of us. Luke Anderson from STOP|GAP gave an amazing presentation about our built environment, the challenges he faces and overcomes as a young man who uses a wheelchair, and how we can do small things to improve accessibility in Toronto. I am so impressed by him, and I think every student in this country would benefit from hearing him speak.

The next session will be about the ethnic and cultural diversity of the city. Make sure to come to that one too.

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