Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mega Birthday

 This is major celebration time for our family. Not only for the holidays, but almost all of us have our birthdays during the latter end of the year. This past weekend, we celebrated four family members' birthdays together. My cousin Zinnia, my cousin Judi, my brother-in-law to be David, and my dad, Tarek!

I got this dress in Lisbon last month in gorgeous shopping district of Barrio Alto. We walked past the store, it was displayed in the window and it instantly caught our attention, which is a bit of a miracle since Chris and I tend of have very different taste in women's clothing. So if I find something that I love, and my husband is also excited about, I do have to jump on it. But I won't lie, I'm a bargain hunter to the core, so paying full retail price was a bit of a challenge, but I'm glad I did.


These are a few my gorgeous, talented, lovely cousins/best friends. Everyone has their own distinct style, and it's always fun to see what the girls are going to wear, how they express individuality. You can always count on Umbreen to be urban and sexy. Zinnia brings her moody artistic flair. It really is a feast for the eyes to be around my girls.

Sneaking a peek.

This is my dad, I adore and admire him so much. On the occasion of his 62nd birthday, I got him this vintage London Fog winter coat. I love the cognac colour. Thank goodness my mom's keen eye spotted it while we were out looking for gifts.

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Dress: Blanco in Lisbon; Tights: H&M; Shoes: Thrifted; Earrings: Suzy Shier; Bracelet: Dollar Store!

It's been an amazing, life-changing year for a our family. I wonder what the year to come will bring. Happy Birthdays to all my lovely Scorpios out there.

Thank you Umbreen and Chris for taking the pictures!
Thanks for stopping by. And don't forget to come by our event tonight with the Canadian Urban Institute.


  1. Happy birthday to your lovely cousins and amazing dad!!! Love your outfit. It's stunning as always.

  2. Hello Natasha.
    I happened to come across your profile on facebook through my father's (Rizwan Gul Pasha). Our fathers are old friends I suppose and Baba was tagged in a photo with your family from the 70's! Read some of your blogs. They're quite interesting :) And I love the top your wearing here. take care.


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