Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspiration: Berries in the Backyard

 When it comes to style, fashion, art, all things of beauty, everyone needs inspiration. And there is inspiration all around us. I'm often inspired to put a look together based on what I find in nature, the memory of a city, or a person, a national holiday or even a sporting event. And sometimes you can find inspiration right in your own backyard - literally. These beautiful berries are growing in the backyard this Fall and the colours are so lovely, and feminine. They make me so happy, and they've inspired me to put together an outfit that pays homage to the berries in the backyard. Even the lips are berried up.

I bought this peasant-ish blouse in Spain a couple of years ago, I'm a sucker for anything pinkish. It quickly became part of my weekend uniform, paired with baggy jeans.

I've been told and have read repeatedly that one of the pillars of good style is to wear clothes that fit you properly. I must admit that I fall short on this, I often buy clothes that are too big for me because I figure I'll just layer pieces or belt something that's too roomy. When I found a brand new, Liz Clairborne jacket at a thrift shop, and it was a couple of sizes too big, I didn't care - the pattern, and colour were too lovely for me to pass up.

Jacket: Liz Clairborne (thrifted); Peasant Shirt: Spain; Pants: Winners; Boots: Urban Outfitters; Scarf: Pakistan; Bracelet: Market in Mexico City; Earrings: Blanco in Lisbon.

Don't my earrings look like sweet little berries too?

Thank you my wonderful friend Daryl for taking the pictures. And thank you for stopping by and reading. I hope you'll find a little inspiration around you today.


  1. Cute outfit. I noticed the boots are being used quite well -- are they new?!

  2. Thank you Umbers. Always appreciate your feedback since you have GREAT style! No, the boots are not new, they are a couple of years old but a Fall standard.


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