Friday, November 25, 2011

Contrast + Featured: The Working Wardrobe

This week I had a bit of a realization - so much of life is about contrast. Not necessarily conflict, although that is the type of contrast us journalists tend to focus on a lot, but what I'm talking about is when things don't match up. They don't make sense together, but make things more interesting.
Here's what happened: I was walking home one evening and a saxophonist was playing a beautiful version of 'Silent Night.' It was cool and crisp outside, the street lights were decorated for Christmas and music was so blissfully sweet. Just as I start feeling like I'm in a Bing Crosby movie, a man walked past and swore (I'm assuming not at me) "F*ck you assh*les". Here is this perfect urban Christmas scene, and then a crazy person is hurling profanity in the street as he walks by. That's contrast. That's interesting.

So here is my contrast to keep things interesting. Wearing a super feminine skirt with tough boots. A modern striped print with a traditional Indian necklace. Contrast.


Dress worn as Top: H&M; Skirt: thrifted; Blazer: Tristan & America; Boots: Payless; Belt: Urban Outfitters (Gift from Chris); Necklace: Gift from Chris; Earrings: Saskatoon

Photos by Mark.

Also, I'm so excited to share that I was featured this week on one of my favourite sites: Head on over to Rachel's site and take a look:

~Thanks for dropping by this week, have a great weekend, and stop by again tomorrow.~


  1. love the stripes, leopard, skirt and boots!! :)

  2. look at you! and the necklace? ... I approve!

  3. lovely skirt... but it's quite different to my beige skirt... mine is made from wool.
    i really love that you belted it with a leopard spotted one as well. fun!


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