Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Wish List: Statement Necklace

My birthday is less than a month away, and I thought it might be a fun feature to include a birthday wish list on the blog. Just a festive way to highlight some of the beautiful objects that I'd like to include in my closet. So I'll post an item that I'm dreaming about and offer some examples of the types of things that catch my eye. So here we go, since it's party time - I'm wishing for a statement necklace. Here are three beautiful and affordable options.

Dorothy Perkins: Stone surround collar

Price: £20.00

Nordstrom: Stephan & Co. Statement Necklace
Price: CAD 17.19

Multi Box Chain Statement Necklace
46 CAD ($45) - oasis-stores.com

Which one do you like the best? And do you have other suggestions for me?

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