Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a-ha Moments

The pop band a-ha from Norway shot to fame in 1985 with their hit "Take on Me." Who could forget that incredible, ground-breaking video that mixed animation with real life action? But after 25 years, 9 successful albums and touring the world, the band is calling it quits. Last night they performed in Toronto as part of the farewell tour.  It was an absolutely fantastic night. Here are some the a-ha moments.

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  1. Morten is just as hot as ever! I think there's a kind of "Dorian Gray" thing going on, where the a-ha singer trapped in the animated video has aged hideously, and is tottering around with a cane trying not to get beaten by those guys with the motorcycle goggles and the wrench -- and the "human" Morten doesn't age at all. Either that or he drinks Botox. Drinking Botox is a big thing in Norway.


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