Thursday, April 29, 2010


There isn't much fun shopping to be done in downtown Montevideo, Uruguay. But when we were there last year, Chris and I did find this little shop in between used bookstores and directly across from the Teatro Solis called Tiempo Funky (literally Funky Time in Spanish).  I don't love the name of the shop but I loved almost everything I found inside, including this necklace with little doves on it.

I met the designer that made it and ran the shop and couldn't resist getting the necklace. The problem is, it's beaded all the way around which it makes it impossible to wear the necklace for more than a few minutes because it starts pinching my skin around my neck. Plus it's really heavy. So now I just hang the necklace on my bedroom wall like a piece of art, at least it gets admired everyday since I'll probably never wear it.


  1. more photos of you wearing it, please :)

  2. I can´t believe you went to Montevideo! It`s the city where I live! Providing that Uruguay is rather unknown to the rest of the world it really amuses when I hear of someone from another country comes here! If you return, please let me recommend you other shopping places! You don´t have many glamourous stores here, but there are some shops where you can get pretty things for relatevely cheap prices =).

    1. Hello lovely, I really enjoyed my time in Uruguay, it wasn't long enough. We were on our way to visit friends in Argentina, but I hope we can return to Montevideo again soon. :) Thank you for offer. Maybe we can even meet for a mate? :)


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